Snapchats from Yang

baby: i- i-i-i- i-
mother: i love you?? are you saying i love you???tony come quick get the camera
baby: i-i- i dont understand why the new up-and-coming meme is a baby saying its first words, because its not really funny per say and it defies the very structure and iota of what a tumblr meme is; a short, chuckleworthy sentence such as ''..................slime man'', ''free him'' or ''i came out tonight to have a good time and i am honestly feeling so attacked right now'' that can be put after an image post or text post alike. i am wholeheartedly baffled by this whole new meme era and i hope soon that we return to the conventional tumblr meme styles.


"I’m not vaccinating my kids because they’ll build up immunity naturally anyway"


their milk is labelled udder satisfaction


ok but emerald is really cute

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And people wonder why I love Wonder Woman so much.


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I made some “pokedoll” pixels (with 3 extras at the bottom)!! The eeveelutions didn’t really turn out the way I’d hoped, so I might go back and edit them later. Heck, I may even make more at some point! If you want, you can use them. All I ask is that you credit me if you do ^^


"What the fuck are those flowers?!"

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